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Milestone Kids Dentistry

Milestone Kids Dentistry is where children can discover the joy of taking care of their teeth. From their first visit to their graduation, we help your kiddos cultivate a long-term and healthy relationship with their dental health.

Helping Kids Develop Healthy Habits!

Milestone Kids Dentistry provides a bright and colorful atmosphere for your little one to learn about lifelong care of their teeth. Creating long-term and meaningful relationships with our patients and parents gives us genuine excitement. We understand your kids are one of the most important sources of happiness in your life. And we promise to care for your little ones like we care for our own children.

Our team uses a show-and-tell method to explain each procedure to you—and your kiddo—with friendly and clear communication to turn appointments into collaborative learning experiences. We explain the why of each recommendation so you have a firm understanding of your child’s treatment recommendations.

Meet The Doctor

Positive communication is our specialty. Big scary terms like “tooth drill” can sound frightening without proper education and context. We believe that anxious feelings arise when your child doesn’t understand what’s happening. And we avoid creating future negative feelings toward dentistry by replacing scary words like “cavities” with euphemisms like “sugar bugs.”

At Milestone Kids Dentistry, we believe that a fun, safe, and judgment-free experience helps motivate your child to create healthy habits. Even if your little one has big feelings, we have lots of experience providing safe and constructive appointments for all behavior levels. Plus, you’ll love knowing your kiddo is receiving an individualized treatment plan from a board-certified dentist.

Dental Services At Milestone Kids Dentistry

Understanding the needs of children is our team’s passion. In addition to creating a positive patient experience, we continue to advance patient care with forward-thinking innovations. Some of our specialties include:

Our Patients & Parents Love Us!

Milestone Kids Dentistry is proud to serve our fellow community members.
Find out why people all over the North of Seattle area can’t stop smiling about us:

“Amazing experience! Great team, great hygienist, and great doctor. It was our five-year-old’s first set of x-rays and it was effortless. She told me it was fun and that she liked it! Don’t walk, run with your kiddos to this place. Mine didn’t want to leave!”

Tiffany T.

“The team at Milestone Kids Dentistry is amazing! Everyone is super friendly and helpful. They took the time to make sure our children were not only comfortable but also explained what the tools were used for before they started anything to dispel any fear they may have had. Phenomenal job!”

Olivia L.

“We had a very good first visit with the dentist. It was our daughter’s first time at the dentist, she is 17 months old and my husband and I appreciated the kind and warm environment that was there for our daughter. The private room was also a very nice touch.”

Amanda K.

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