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Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment

Is your infant having difficulty nursing? A lip or tongue tie might be the cause! Milestone Kids Dentistry can assess them for lip/tongue ties and recommend treatment. Our superhero team of pediatric dentists uses the latest techniques, like frenectomy procedures, to safely release them and restore the function of your child’s mouth. Schedule an appointment with us today!

What Is A Lip Tie & Tongue Tie?

There are soft tissues called frena that connect your gums to your lips and tongue. These frena help with important functions of the mouth, like eating, drinking, and speaking. Sometimes, these tissues can be too tight and not stretch properly. When the frenum under the tongue is too tight, it’s called a tongue tie because it limits the tongue’s movement. When the frenum between the upper lip and gums is too tight, it’s called a lip tie because it restricts the upper lip’s mobility and function.

These conditions are usually present at birth and can be identified within your child’s first year of life. Studies show that approximately 10 percent of newborns have a lip or tongue tie, which can lead to breastfeeding difficulties. Additionally, it has been observed that up to 25 percent of breastfeeding infants may experience challenges with latching due to this condition.

Causes Of Lip Or Tongue Ties

Oral restrictions, like lip and tongue ties, are congenital conditions that occur during fetal development. During this time, there is a tissue formation that anchors the tongue to the base of the mouth. Typically, this tissue naturally dissolves to a small, flexible tether around the 12th week of pregnancy.

However, in some cases, this tissue does not dissolve completely, resulting in a residual tie that is short, tight, or thick, restricting normal movement in the tongue and lips. Premature babies often experience oral restrictions because the tissue separation in utero may not have occurred before their early birth. It is more common among boys than girls.

Symptoms Of Lip Or Tongue Ties

Symptoms of tongue ties and lips ties can cause many problems for your little one. In the short term, they can create obstacles with feeding and cause developmental concerns. However, if left untreated, these ties can potentially lead to long-term speech difficulties and make certain foods less enjoyable to eat. As a result, your child’s nutrition, comfort, and self-confidence may be impacted. Here are some common symptoms of tongue ties or lip ties:

Symptoms In Infants

Symptoms In Nursing Mothers

Treatment For Tongue Tie & Lip Tie

Frenectomy is a surgical procedure commonly used to treat conditions caused by a tight or restricted frenulum, such as lip ties and tongue ties. Using advanced CO2 laser technology, the frenulum is precisely and safely released, allowing for improved mobility and function.

We use a CO2 laser that emits a concentrated beam of light that precisely removes the excess tissue, resulting in minimal bleeding and discomfort. Using these innovative lasers also has a reduced chance of infection, faster healing, and minimal scarring. A frenectomy is a relatively quick and safe procedure, often taking only a few minutes, and it can provide significant relief and improved oral function for your little ones. No stitches, no sedation, and no anesthesia are required. They can start nursing immediately!

Some families see immediate improvement after the procedure, and others see slower improvements during the healing process as you and your baby continue to grow together. When your child has a tongue or lip tie released, they may have a period of adjustment as they get used to unrestricted movement. Before and after the procedure, we find the best results happen when we continue to work with lactation consultants to help with our growth.

Expert Tongue & Lip Tie Treatment In Lake Stevens, WA

The sooner a tongue or lip tie is discovered and addressed, the better a frenectomy will work. If your infant is having difficulty nursing, don’t wait! Look no further than Milestone Kids Dentistry for all your lip and tongue tie treatment needs.

Our team of experts is here to make your baby’s experience a breeze. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of dental advancements, using state-of-the-art soft tissue lasers for painless and efficient procedures. Our gentle touch and kid-friendly approach will ensure your little one feels comfortable and at ease. Schedule an appointment today!

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