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About Milestone Kids Dentistry

It is our mission to create a fun place for your child during each dental visit. We want to make sure your child has a positive experience, so they enjoy going to the dentist! We have oodles of resources, and our awesome team knows how to teach your kiddo lifelong dental habits.

From ages 0-18, we want to help your child develop lifelong habits. Learn more about our team and our unique approach to pediatric dentistry. Schedule an initial appointment now so we can help guide your little one on a stellar dental journey for the rest of their life!

Pediatric Dental Treatment For Children: How We Help

As your child grows, they reach crucial dental milestones. Baby teeth fall out, and before you know it, they’re heading off to college! We want to make sure they are on the right path for a healthy smile. Our pediatric team will help stop potential problems, like sugar buggies (cavities) or other dental no-nos, and design a plan that fits your child’s unique needs.

We provide comprehensive dental services for children 0-18, including:

Schedule a preventive dental check-up or routine appointment today and learn more about our dental services.

What Makes The Milestone Dentistry Team Different?

Our approach to pediatric dentistry starts by creating a welcoming environment for your children. Our team will cultivate a long-term relationship, so your kiddo feels comfortable each time they come in for a visit. During your initial consultation, we make sure to take any special notes about your child and cater our services specifically, so they work best for your child. Our practice’s foundation is to collaborate with parents and educate children on the do’s and don’ts of dental hygiene.

The first visit is crucial for any child, and we want to establish Milestone as their dental home. By starting early, your little one will develop a healthy and comfortable relationship with dentists. We explain all treatment procedures in a positive manner to avoid any anxious feelings.

If you are ready to start a fun dental journey for your young one, schedule an appointment now!

Meet Our Team Of Dental Superstars!

If you want to be the best, you better have the best on your team! We only recruit pediatric rockstars to ensure your child is in great hands. Our diverse team is all about exceeding your expectations and providing high-quality pediatric dental care in Washington.

Dr. Ryan Price leads our practice and knows a thing or two (or three) about pediatric dentistry. He received his pediatric dentistry certificate from the University of California, Los Angeles, and continues to develop his education with the latest practices to continuously improve our dental services. He also has two wonderful kiddos of his own, so he knows how to guide a young one from day one and ensure they develop exceptional dental hygiene.

Now That You’ve Met Us We Want To Meet You!

If you are ready to stop by for a visit, we’d love to formally introduce our team to you and your child! Start your child’s journey today by scheduling an appointment with us. We hope to see you soon!

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