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From their very first tooth to graduation, Milestone Kids Dentistry provides a fun place for your child to learn to take care of their dental health in a safe, positive, and judgment-free environment. 

You can call us at 425-512-9887 or text us at 888-231-9887 to learn more. 

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Pediatric Dentist Serving The Community North of Seattle

At Milestone Kids Dentistry, we believe that a fun, safe, and judgment-free experience motivates children to develop healthy habits. Whether your child needs their teeth counted (examined) or they need some help with their sugar bugs (cavities), we make it easy to give your child the lifelong gift of a positive dental experience. 

We understand your kids are one of the most important sources of happiness in your life. Our doctors and team members pride themselves on taking care of your little one with the same attention and care they give their own kids. Creating long-term and meaningful relationships with our patients and parents is our passion.

Your child deserves the best care from dedicated professionals. Our doctors are nationally-recognized experts whose talent and experience will benefit you and your family. Milestone Kids Dentistry provides comprehensive plans to help your kid on the path to a happy smile. 

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Only Positive Experiences at Milestone Kids Dentistry

Elementary school kids smiling to camera at break time

Kid-Centric Approach

We provide an atmosphere that goes way beyond children’s dentistry. Our parents enjoy a fun and educational setting that makes kids stoked to learn about their teeth! Parents tell us that visits to our office feel more like hanging out with their friends than going to the dentist. ​


Judgment-Free Treatment

Our team works with you and your kiddo to find the best care for your family — all without judging or making you feel uncomfortable in any way. We are constantly researching new innovations and solutions for improving dental health.

Multi Generation Family Having Fun In Garden Together

Family-Oriented, Personalized Dentistry

We offer personalized pediatric dental services for all ages of children. Whether your child is an infant, toddler, young adolescent, or teenager, we’d love to help them develop healthy habits.

Dental Services at Milestone Kids Dentistry

Understanding the needs of children is our mission. We are transparent, and there’s nothing you can’t ask us to explain! We collaborate with our patients and parents so they are comfortable with every step of treatment, finances, and scheduling. 

In addition to creating a positive patient experience, we continue to advance patient care with forward-thinking innovations. 

Some of our dental services include: 

Infant Dentistry

Finding a dental home by age one is essential for your little one’s health. We provide infants ages 0-3 with individualized dental care, cleaning, and oral hygiene instruction. Plus, we have a dedicated infant examination room. We offer guidance for teething, trauma, prevention, diet, and everything else you need.

Pediatric Treatments

Your little one’s smile is always growing and changing throughout their childhood. Regular check-ins with a pediatric dentist give us the opportunity to check in with your child’s teeth, gums, and nutrition. At Milestone Kids Dentistry, we can spot any early signs of concern and make sure your kiddo’s teeth are developing on track.

Behavior Management

Even if your little one has big feelings, we have extensive training for providing safe and constructive appointments for all types of behavior. We even have options for young or special-needs patients — so they can still have the dental work they need while easing their fears?

Nutritional Education

Healthy and yummy foods help strengthen your child’s smile. We provide non-judgemental nutritional education that teaches children and parents the importance of balancing good food choices and the occasional treat! No matter what your child’s dietary preference, we will help them find nutritional and tasty food options.

Why The North of Seattle Community Loves Milestone

My kids (and I) totally LOVE it! Dr. Price is amazing, professional and super friendly with the little ones, the whole staff is beyond fantastic, they make sure the kids are comfortable and happy.
It was our first visit today and both kids and adults loved it. I’m so happy with the care we received here. They really know how to work with the kids I’m happy we made the switch.
Such a cute office and Maddy was so nice and explained everything to us ❤️ Jaxon normally has a dental fear but had the best experience possible here.