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Pediatric Dentistry Services in Washington

Your little one’s smile is always growing and changing throughout their childhood. Regular check-ins with a pediatric dentist ensure everything checks out for your child’s teeth, gums, and nutrition.

At Milestone Kids Dentistry, we can spot any early signs of concern and make sure your kiddo’s teeth are developing on-track.

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What Does A Pediatric Dentist Do?

A pediatric dentist deals exclusively with patients between birth to adolescence. Pediatric dentists help children develop lifelong skills for taking care of their teeth. At Milestone Kids Dentistry, we provide a positive atmosphere for keeping smiles bright.

A skilled pediatric dentist can also know how to help kids with big feelings enjoy their appointments. Even if they need a sugar bug (cavity) filled, we will make sure your loved one’s visit is as magical as possible.

At Milestone Kids Dentistry, we follow a transparent “show and tell” mindset. We explain every portion of the exam and answer every question you have about our methods. Also, we substitute big scary terms like “cavity” with words like “sugar bugs” to avoid creating negative vibes about their teeth. Children deserve a fun place to learn about taking care of their smiles. We believe that healthy habits last a lifetime. That’s why we make sure that your appointment is fun and judgment-free.

Our office is fun for adults, too! Many parents often say that visits to our office feel more like seeing old friends than going to an appointment.

Children’s Dental Care Services

Whether it is preventative nutritional education or routine cleaning, there are plenty of ways that dentistry for children can help your little one maintain healthy teeth and gums. Learn more about how Milestone Kids Dentistry keeps your child’s smile bright!

Preventive Dental Care

Preventative check-ins and regular dental cleanings are crucial for children. We offer comprehensive pediatric dental services, so your kiddo develops a wonderful and healthy smile.

Dental Treatments

We offer many pediatric dentistry services for children already experiencing sugar buggies (cavities), or other dental boo-boos. Our comprehensive treatments include teeth tickling (dental cleanings), dental sealants, dental fluoride, and more!

Behavior Management

Does your kiddo have big feelings? It’s natural to feel apprehension about the dentist. Other kiddos might have special needs that require special accommodations. We offer various comfortable solutions, like anesthesia and sedation, to create a positive experience.

Nutritional Education & Counseling

We provide fantastic nutritional education for children and parents to learn more about all the yummy food choices that can help develop healthy teeth and gums. It is a non-judgmental environment. We will make a plan that fits your little one’s dietary preferences (without totally removing fun treats and sweets!)

Emergency Dental Visits

Sometimes your child requires immediate care. When your little one experiences toothaches, broken or knocked-out teeth, and any other major tooth boo-boo while playing sports, or adventuring, give us a call right away for a same-day emergency appointment.

What Is Anticipatory Guidance?

Your child’s smile is growing and changing during the first years of their life. Because of this, they have unique needs during their childhood.

Early childhood experiences can influence how people feel about dental care. A pediatric dentist can help create a treatment specifically for your child’s needs that erases any anxious feelings and replaces them with warm fuzzies. That way, your child learns about the joy of taking care of their teeth.

Establishing a “dental home” allows you to start a working relationship with your kid’s dentist early. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends finding a dental home before a child’s first birthday. A dental home provides the opportunity to form a life-long connection with a pediatric dentist.

Dr. Ryan Price is board-certified in pediatric dentistry. This means he has received recognition from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry for his lifelong commitment to excellence.

Why Choose Milestone Kids Dentistry For Pediatric Dental Care?

We offer complete pediatric dental services for all ages of children. It’s our passion. Whether your child is an infant, toddler, young adolescent, or a teenager, we’d love to help them access the care they need to develop a healthy smile.

Milestone Kids Dentistry is here for every step of your kiddo’s smile journey. We help everyone from newborn infants to high school seniors.

Start your child’s journey to a healthy smile by scheduling an appointment now. You can get in touch with us online, over the phone, and even by text message!

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