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Anticipatory Guidance

Milestone Kids Dentistry is ready to help your family with everything your child needs for an outstanding smile. Schedule an appointment now to discover more about anticipatory guidance!

What Is Anticipatory Guidance?

Anticipatory guidance in pediatric dentistry is how we measure and prepare for significant developmental milestones in your child’s life. As your child starts to grow up, they will need someone looking out for them to help avoid sugar bugs (cavities). We measure changes like growth delays, injuries, oral hygiene, and tooth eruption. Changes in these areas may signal spots where your child needs a little more attention.

Achieving a bright and happy smile involves teaching your little ones some tools that will last a lifetime. Showing kids how to use a toothbrush, make healthy food choices, and break thumbsucking habits can help you avoid costly procedures in the future.

Milestone Kids Dentistry is dedicated to helping kids on their journey to lasting dental health in Washington. Our office is a judgment-free environment that feels more like hanging out with friends than visiting the dentist. Schedule an appointment now!

What Does Anticipatory Guidance Cover

Anticipatory guidance includes many types of learning and listening opportunities. We will collaborate with you and help teach your kiddo healthy habits. Anticipatory guidance can include include:

Get Amazing Kids Dental Care Near You

We help children of all ages find a dental routine that makes sense for their unique needs. Our specialists collaborate with parents and children to find the best possible routine. Proper anticipatory guidance can help your child enjoy a beautiful and full smile.

Milestone Kids Dentistry is here for every stage of your child’s life. From newborns to high school-aged teens we are proud to help every child on their smile journey. See for yourself by scheduling your initial appointment now. We also offer the option to call or text us. Experience Milestone Kids Dentistry now!

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