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Pediatric Conscious Sedation Dentistry In Washington

At Milestone Kids Dentistry, we know that you want the best for your kiddo. Whether they have big or small feelings, conscious sedation can help them feel at ease during their visit! Schedule an appointment with our pediatric dental team now!

Why Is Pediatric Conscious Sedation Used?

Sedation dentistry refers to the practice of using mild sedatives to help kids have more productive visits. There are many circumstances where pediatric conscious sedation makes sense.

These include:

  • If your child has trouble fidgeting or staying still
  • If the child has a strong gag reflex
  • When your child is receiving several procedures simultaneously

How To Prepare Your Child For Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Before any procedure, there are some guidelines you’ll need to follow that can vary depending on your kiddo’s age.

For all children:

  • Starting at midnight before the procedure, do not give them any solid foods or non-clear liquids (milk, formula, juices, or candy).
  • Two hours before the procedure, limit liquids to clear fluids like water, Pedialyte®, or any juice that you can see through.
  • If your child needs medication, they may continue to take it unless told not to do so by their doctor or the scheduling nurse.

For infants under 12 months old:

  • Formula-fed infants may be given formula up to six hours before their procedure.
  • Breast-fed babies may nurse up to four hours before their procedure.

Don’t worry! We will reach out 24 hours before your appointment to remind you of these instructions.

Administering Sedation Medication & Monitoring Your Child

Intake for sedation is a relaxing process. The medication is administered orally. We’ll check your child’s vital signs and make sure that everything looks good to go.

Here are some of our methods for conscious sedation:

Oral Conscious Sedation

This sedation takes the form of a mixture of medicine given before the procedure starts. The medication makes the patient feel woozy and feel sleepy. While they will feel drowsy, they will stay awake and remain relaxed and compliant.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide — what we call funny air — helps relax your child during a procedure. The effects of funny air wear off quickly. Sometimes we use funny air in addition to oral conscious sedation to totally ensure your child’s comfort.

What To Expect After Pediatric Conscious Sedation

After the procedure, you can wait with your child as they wake up. It is normal for your child to feel a little dizzy or confused.

Your child’s mouth, teeth, and gums will be numb for a few hours. Make sure they are careful while eating and prepare soft foods for their recovery.

What Else Should I Know About Conscious Sedation?

There are many advantages to conscious sedation. Although these substances make your child feel drowsy, they are awake during the procedure. Being awake allows them to be more compliant with the dentist. Because most patients experience amnesia afterward, they will have no memories of the procedure.

The FDA regulates pediatric sedatives with routine safety checks. Most side effects are mild and will go away with time. The doctor will be able to tell you more about conscious sedation during your appointment.

Conscious Sedation Dentistry For Special Needs Children

Special needs children may improve their appointments with sedation. Dental visits include lots of new sounds and sights that may give kids the scares. The application of gentle, mild sedation helps kids achieve a more calm state.

Schedule an appointment now to learn more about how we provide special needs children with the care they deserve!

Is Pediatric Conscious Sedation Right For Your Child?

Conscious sedation creates a more easygoing vibe. Not every child requires this level of intervention, however! If we think conscious sedation makes sense for your kiddo, we will talk about why and answer any questions you may have!

At Milestone Kids Dentistry, we know that no two kids have the exact same needs. We want to help your child develop a lifelong love of taking care of their teeth. Managing your child’s feelings is one of the many tools available to us.

Every child deserves a personalized treatment plan. Schedule an appointment to learn more about your options!

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