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Lake Stevens Dental Treatment Options for Kids

From dental fluoride treatments to teeth tickling (cleaning), Milestone Kids Dentistry provides comprehensive and non-judgemental plans to help your kiddo on the path to a happy smile.

Treatment Options

While your child is losing baby teeth and constantly growing, it’s crucial to allow a dental professional to look and make sure your kiddo’s teeth and bite are properly forming. Tooth decay and cavities are common issues for young ones. Fortunately, we have plenty of options to help reduce the risk of sugar bugs (cavities) or help make counting teeth (tooth examination) a painless process. Regardless of your child’s needs, we have a variety of plans suited for your kiddo’s unique mouth. 

The first step is scheduling a new patient cleaning and exam, where we will discuss restorative treatment options designed to fit your child’s needs. Together, we can set your little buddy up for a bright and healthy future.

Some of our most common dental treatment options include:


Dental Sealants

Cleaning all the spots at the back of the mouth can be tough for kiddos. Debris and food can get stuck in hidden spots and lead to bacterial growth and decay. Dental sealants help prevent tooth decay. They are tooth-colored coatings bonded on the chewing surfaces on the back teeth. If we start to see some signs of tooth decay, we will recommend sealants to help prevent further issues.

We can help spot brushing zones that need more attention and protect your child’s tooth enamel and prevent cavities with sealants. Don’t worry. The procedure is painless! All we do is add some liquid sealant directly on the teeth to decrease cavity development significantly, so your little one stays on a healthy dental path.


Dental Fluoride

Sugar bugs (cavities) are the most common dental issue for young children, and 25% of kids develop at least one. Dental fluoride is part of our routine check-ups and helps keep your child’s teeth in excellent condition.

During the fluoridation process, we apply fluoride directly to the surface of the teeth. Fluoride can slow or halt the sugar bugs (cavity) in their tracks. It is extremely safe for children. We have a warm and friendly approach to dental care, and we make sure any fluoride treatment is as easy as possible.


Nerve Treatment

If a tooth has significant decay, a pulpotomy may be necessary. An inflamed nerve will be extremely sensitive, and sometimes, the best option is to remove the nerve due to trauma and decay. Sometimes the tooth will need some additional attention and possible extraction. This treatment will help remove bacteria, prevent an abscess, and avoid future infection.
Both solutions help restore the natural strength of teeth, prevent further decay, and keep your child pain-free. Untreated teeth can make it tough to eat and cause nasty mouth boo-boos. Fortunately, crowns and fillings will restore tooth integrity and keep your child smiling!



An extraction is simply the removal of a tooth due to decay, infection, or injury. After an extraction, a child needs to eat soft foods and avoid drinking from straws for the first few days to prevent dry sockets. We will monitor the healing process, but there is nothing wrong with treating your kiddo to a fun treat after their brave adventure!


Fillings & Crowns

For dealing with tougher tooth decay, crowns and composite fillings get the job done. We use composites to replace tooth structure damaged by decay or fractures. For full coverage of primary teeth, we recommend strip or stainless steel crowns. Strip crowns are tooth-colored fillings bonded on front teeth to protect developing teeth. Stainless steel crowns are cemented on baby teeth and larger cavities and will eventually fall off naturally.

Dental Treatment For Children Of Any Age

As your kiddo grows, regular preventative dental check-ups are a must. Our friendly team is  here to help and provide you with expert guidance to keep your little ones safe. We promise to take care of your child like we take care of our own. From nutritional education to behavior management, we are ready to help! 

Schedule an appointment online or give us a call, a text, or say “hi” through our online chat. We hope to see you soon!

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