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Age One Dental Visit

Parents witness so many special moments during their little one’s first year of life. Whether it’s their first word, their first step, or even their first teeth, your baby is passing new frontiers every day.

It’s important to book an age one dental visit because your child’s new teeth are vulnerable to many conditions unique to their age group. Many caregivers do not know that their child’s brand new teeth should be cleaned and checked out within their first year of life. Pediatric dental experts agree that you should book your child’s first dental visit when their first teeth appear, typically between their first 6-12 months.

The bottom line is that if a child has healthy baby teeth, they are more likely to have healthy adult teeth as well! Start your baby on the journey to a happy, healthy smile by scheduling a new patient cleaning and exam today.

Establishing A Dental Home

Childhood is such a formative time in your kid’s life, and their earliest experiences at the dentist can shape how they feel about dental care for a long time. Milestone Kids Dentistry is dedicated to maintaining a judgment-free atmosphere for all of our patients!

Preventative care is the one way to protect your child’s lifelong dental health. One way to do this is to establish a “dental home” for your child early in their life. This means that you should create a working relationship with your child’s dentist so that you have an invested partner in your child’s health.

If you’re looking to establish a dental home for your kiddo in Arlington, WA, the team Milestone Kids Dentistry is ready to provide the best pediatric dental care for children of all ages. Schedule a new patient cleaning and exam today! 

Benefits Of Preventive Dental Care

Scheduling your baby’s first dental visit is a great first step toward your child’s long term health. Early dental visits have many benefits, including:

  • Reducing the likelihood of costly surgery/emergency dental work. Studies show that kids who have their first dental visit before age one pay 40% less in dental costs.
  • Preventing conditions. Your kid’s teeth are still vulnerable to tooth decay, so monitoring and treating their teeth early is the best way to avoid issues later in life.
  • Monitoring bite development. We can survey your child’s teeth to see if they are growing as planned. Early intervention may prevent some orthodontic treatment later on.
  • Preventing injury. Young children love to explore and play, which can increase the risk of injuries. We can advise you on how to prevent your kiddo from these kinds of accidents.
  • Establishing healthy habits for your little one. The easiest way to keep your child’s teeth healthy is to instill good hygiene. We can give guidance on brushing and flossing, good dietary habits, teething, thumbsucking, and more.

What To Expect During A Baby’s First Dental Visit

Milestone Kids Dentistry is a kid-friendly zone! Expect a fun office environment with plenty of stimulating activities for your child while they wait. We work with kids all day, every day, so we know how important it is to make your child feel comfortable and safe from the moment they enter our practice.

Age one dental visits at Milestone Kids Dentistry include a thorough exam of your kid’s brand-new pearly whites. We will check on the development of their teeth, examine their bite, and look for signs of mouth injuries, cavities, or other issues.

If your child is a little upset or fidgety during the exam, that’s totally normal! This is a brand new experience for your little one and we are here to make their exam easy and fun! We have lots of patients with big feelings and we can help make your child’s visit enjoyable.

Our team will also focus on giving you all the resources you need to take good care of your child’s smile. We educate all caregivers, showing them what to look for when monitoring their child’s smile. You will learn about general health and growth patterns, the anatomy of your kid’s bite, and ways to ensure that your kiddo’s teeth are healthy for the rest of their life!

Early Dental Treatment For Children In Arlington, WA

They grow up so fast! Your child passes so many milestones during their first few months of life. When your baby’s first teeth come in, it’s time to start them on the path towards a happy and healthy smile!

Milestone Kids Dentistry delivers superior pediatric dental care for children in and around in Arlington, WA. Our experienced and passionate team is ready to give your child the most enjoyable dentist experience possible. Rest assured, we will treat your kiddo like a member of our family!

If you have questions about when a baby should have their first dental visit, feel free to give us a call, text us, or schedule a new patient cleaning and exam today!

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