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Pediatric Personalized Dentistry & Behavior Management

Dental work sometimes requires your kiddo to lay completely still, and other times, we just don’t want to frighten your little one. Learn more about our approach to pediatric sedation in Snohomish, WA — including options for young or special-needs patients — so they can still have the dental work they need without any of the scares.

What Is Personalized Dentistry?

Dental specialists sometimes need to administer sedation to keep your child at ease during a dental procedure. Some tasks take a while, and others may be scary, so we want to make sure we don’t make your kiddo feel anxious or uncomfortable. Some children also have strong gag reflexes, special needs, or were traumatized from past dental experiences.

We offer an array of safe sedation techniques, including nitrous oxide and general anesthesia. During the new patient cleaning and exam, we will discuss your child’s dental history and any possible sedation solutions. The sedation medication may last up to six hours post-treatment, but we will make sure to set up your kiddo for a successful and pain-free recovery!

Types Of Sedation We Use

There are many different types of sedation we can use during a dental procedure. Depending on your little one’s dental history or the planned treatment, we will administer the right sedation for a safe and smooth visit. Below are some of the possible dental sedatives we may recommend.

Why Personalized Dentistry?

We use personalized dentistry for two big reasons: to keep your child’s dental visit both comfortable and positive. Sedation helps our team complete dental tasks in a relaxing environment and keeps your little one from feeling overwhelmed.

We Make Pediatric Dentistry Easy For Everyone

A child’s first few visits to the dentist can have a lasting impact, so we want them to be positive, and fun! Chat with a member of our team about sedation options for your child’s dental procedure.

We are happy to answer any questions and let you know all about the treatment plan. We hope to see you and your little angel soon!

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