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Dental X-Rays for Children

Since your kid’s teeth are constantly changing as they grow, dental x-rays are necessary to help diagnose issues that can’t be detected with a physical exam. No matter what your child’s needs are, Milestone Kids Dentistry is ready to provide a relaxing and comfortable experience.

What Are Dental X-Rays For?

They grow up so fast! It’s important to know that as your kiddo grows, their teeth are also changing. X-ray imaging helps us survey erupting teeth, find sugar bugs (cavities), plan orthodontic treatment, and monitor your child’s overall health. 

We can even use x-rays to identify trouble spots that can’t be detected with a physical examination. Give your child a healthier smile by scheduling a new patient cleaning and exam today!

Girl at the dentist holding and x-ray and looking at the camera smiling

Are Kids Dental X-Rays Safe?

As a parent, we understand that you want your child to be as safe and comfortable as possible during their dental visit. We will give your kiddo special protective gear, so there’s no need to worry about their safety during their x-ray. 

Ultimately, X-rays are far less risky than unseen trouble spots that may develop later without early detection. Learn more about dental radiographs in children by scheduling a new patient cleaning and exam today!

When & How Often Should Kids Have Dental X-Rays?

Since your kiddo’s teeth are always changing, frequent x-rays are important to monitor their smile health over time and prevent later dental issues. While there are no specific guidelines for when children should start getting x-rays, most will have had their first one by five or six years old.

While every patient’s situation is different, baby teeth are generally bigger targets for tooth decay. Some kids may be at higher risk and might need imaging at an earlier age or get one every six months to a year. 

Children who are at lower risk for tooth decay may not need x-rays as soon or as frequently. To find out when and how often your child should get dental x-rays, schedule a new patient cleaning and exam with us today.

What Happens During a Kids Dental X-Ray?

While the imaging session’s length will vary depending on what kinds of x-rays they need, the process itself doesn’t take long and is pretty enjoyable! 

Milestone Kids Dentistry is committed to creating a fun environment for your kiddo during their x-ray. For more information about kids teeth x-rays contact our office and schedule a new patient cleaning and exam with us today.

Color photo of a young girl getting an x-ray of her teeth on dental scanning equipment at a dentist office.

Making Pediatric Dentistry Easy For Your Child

As your child grows, their teeth do too! While physical exams can find some potential dental problems, x-rays are better at identifying underlying trouble areas. Frequent dental x-rays for children help us monitor their oral health over time and prevent future dental problems. 

Milestone Kids Dentistry is here to give your kiddo a fun and judgment-free dental x-ray experience. Guide your child on the path to a better smile by calling, texting, or scheduling an appointment online now!

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