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Join The VIP Club

Every kiddo at Milestone Kids Dentistry is a very important patient in our book! Become a member of our club, and your little one can win cool prizes through following good brushing habits, referring a friend, or even just by losing a tooth!

Learn more about our VIP Club and start collecting stars, so you can start collecting prizes.

How Do I Earn STARS?

Earn 2, 3, or 5 stars when you brush well, refer a friend, or even just by losing a tooth! Download our quick STARS guide and post it on the fridge so that you can redeem all your STARS for AMAZING prizes! You can also download our Brushing Chart to hit the jackpot with prizes and a clean smile. You can also earn STARS by completing dental mazes, word searches, coloring pages, and connecting dots. Who knew the dentist could be so fun?

What Can I Buy With STARS?

The more STARS you earn, the more stuff you can buy! Cash in your STARS to win various gift cards from shops like Target, Amazon, and Old Navy. Enjoy a tasty coffee drink or a new hoodie on us when your kiddo earns enough STARS. Print out the STARS cash guide below, so you know what you can get.

Ready To Join Our VIP Club?

Start earning STARS and earning prizes now. Schedule your first visit today. We can’t wait to meet your little VIP!

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